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Nirman International Ltd. is respected group of infrastructure companies. The company was founded in 1976 as a construction company with the objective of Building Better. Since then the company has undertaken a wide range of construction projects of large and medium sizes. Modern techniques, good quality workmanship, and timely completion have earned Nirman a reputation of reliability.

Nirman has successfully completed several major projects at home and abroad. Such projects include the 32-storied Bangladesh Bank Building which dominates the soaring skyline of the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka and was the tallest structure in the country at the time. The company has also executed many significant contracts in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE. Recently we have completed all the civil works for two large scale power stations built by foreign contractors.

All kinds of Construction Contracting work: including Buildings, Roads, Highways, Bridges, Property, Development of Premium properties, Consultancy in the Power Sector, Cold Storage.

Being one step ahead in construction, power generation and civil constructing requires constant adapting to latest technologies. Nirman is well known in using modern building techniques and high quality machinery in construction, to achieve the best quality finalization.

Being trusted goes hand-in-hand with timeliness. This is one of Nirman’ key strengths we do not compromise. As a proof we have numerous satisfied customers of whom many have become our long term partners.

Our skilled employees are managed by highly qualified professionals with a pride and knowledge to achieve the reputation in our motto: “Nirman Builds Better”

Environmentally friendly materials, reliable techniques, and long term sustainability in business, guarantees that Nirman will not only be the leader of today but also in the future.


Our Team

Our development team is all about the brainpower and hard work behind the solutions we develop.

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Kamal Ziaul Islam

Managing Director

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